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I feel like I’m the  w o r s t.
So I always act like I’m the  b e s t

insp. x


Delena playlist
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the originals meme: 1/2 otps


There’s no stopping us right now;

                      I feel so close to you right now


cold, manipulative, good hair; “i’d hate for you to die on an empty stomach.”

a mix for nadia petrova who is ridiculously beautiful 

1. these boots are made for walking. nancy sinatra/ 2. devil don’t fly. natalia kills/ 3. murda bizness. iggy azalea ft. ti/ 4. delicious. lana del rey/ 5. bad karma. ida maria/ 6. pour it up. rihanna/ 7. timber. pitbull ft. ke$ha/ 8. problem. natalia kills


honey  i ’ m  n o t  your honey pie


Get to know me memefavourite TVD songs - part 5/season 5

22 . 07 . 14 5x01  5x02  5x06  5x07  5x08  5x09  5x11    +190


Lullaby// Sia
The Argument// Aidan Hawken
My Own// Whitaker
I Could Live With Dying Tonight// Emma- Lee
The Light// The Album Leaf
Be the Song// Foy Vance
Even My Dad Does Sometimes// Ed Sheeran
Can’t Go Back// Rosi Golan
Dark Paradise// Lana Del Rey
Find It// Family of the Year
Gone// Olivia Broadfield
Ghosts// James Vincent McMorrow
Holding on and Letting Go// Ross Copperman
Family// Noah Gunderson
I Know You Care// Ellie Goulding
Light// Analogue Revolution
Poison & Wine// The Civil Wars
Once Upon a Dream// Lana Del Rey
Song for the Waiting// Aron Wright
Up in Flames// Coldplay
Wait// M83
All in a Day// The Open Sea
Be Alright// Lucy Rose